There are many things to consider when choosing a precious metals refiner: trustworthiness, fees and charges, time to settlement, terms of return, etc. At San Diego Refining, we have established a highly competitive and respectable reputation as one of the most efficient and cost-effective refineries in the western United States.

First and foremost, we are happy to invite both potential and returning customers to tour our facilities, and to witness the processing and sampling of their material at any time. We like what we do, and we are usually pretty excited to show off our facilities.

All of our charges are wholly transparent, based on a graduated percentage of precious metals refined, with no hidden price per troy ounce fees or complicated lot or assay charges. Please call 760-741-6535 or e-mail to us for a schedule of refining charges.

disolving goldOur time to settlement on most lots is generally two to three days, and can be taken in a check, precious metals (Products page), fabricated product, bar, coin, or any combination thereof. Price per Troy Ounce is based on New York spot at the time of settlement, unless otherwise specified. In most cases, we also offer a metal and cash pool free of charge.

We are fully outfitted to refine a very broad range of precious metal-bearing material, including:

  • karat gold scrap
  • dental scrap
  • platinum and palladium scrap
  • bench filings
  • buffing dust
  • floor sweeps
  • gold fill and plated material
  • gold and platinum-bearing ceramics
  • gold and silver-bearing plating material
  • sterling silver scrap, including flatware and jewelry
  • high and low-grade electronic scrap
  • circuit boards, contacts and pins, CPUs
  • gold and platinum-plated aircraft parts
  • silver, gold, platinum and palladium paste
  • gold and silver flake
  • silver film
  • crucibles
  • miscellaneous precious metal-bearing material - just call us!